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The descriptions below reference only some of the criteria considered by NHBC and may change at any time, without notice.

Water Quality (For All Beaches, Swimming & Non-Swimming)

Water quality remains a top concern of beachgoers, as polluted water can ruin any beach.  Therefore, we consider the presence of pollutants in the water, as well as other factors such as the number of beach closures due to these pollutants.


Sand Quality (For All Beaches, Swimming & Non-Swimming)

From jellyfish and algae to litter and debris, we evaluate and consider the presence of conditions (related to the sand) that would interfere with a healthy and safe beach visit.


Dangerous Water Conditions (For Swimming Beaches Only)

Lifeguards, swimming hazards (such as rip currents and sharks) and how emergency management systems are all important considerations in our review of beaches.


Overall Beach Safety (For All Beaches, Swimming & Non-Swimming)

The availability of safety information and the consideration of certain factors, including criminal activity in the area.

Environmental Quality & Management (For All Beaches, Swimming & Non-Swimming):

Crowdedness, environmental sensitivity and the presence of environmental hazards are some of the factors considered in this category.


Services (For All Beaches, Swimming & Non-Swimming)

From public restrooms to parking facilities, we consider the presence of facilities that beachgoers rely upon for a pleasant experience.


Participation In Pro-Active Beach Campaigns (For All Beaches, Swimming & Non-Swimming)

While NHBC currently promotes programs related to non-smoking beaches, rip current awareness and the oil spill dilemma, beaches are recognized for pro-active campaigns and programs that promote the overall health and safety of a beachgoer's experience.

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