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Get Listed, Get Certified. 
National Healthy Beaches Campaign (NHBC) Certification reflects a demonstrated commitment to promoting the awareness of environmental and safety issues facing all beaches, while presenting your beach as a desirable travel destination.  NHBC is not associated with the annual list of America's best beaches, issued by Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman ("Dr. Beach") and membership in NHBC does not serve as criteria for or influence such selections. 
The Certification Process.
  • Complete the Initial Application Form below.

  • Upon our receipt of the Initial Application Form, the Full Evaluation Form will be sent to you by email  (click here to see the Full Evaluation Form).

  • We expect that it might take your staff some time to complete all of the questions in the Full Evaluation Form.

  • Return the completed Full Evaluation Form to us by online submission, or by email attachment.

  • We conduct an evaluation of your beach in accordance with the NHBC criteria and certify your beach.  (Please allow 1-2 weeks for the NHBC evaluation to be completed).

  • We list your beach as a certified "Healthy Beach," which includes all of the benefits listed below.

  • We continue to monitor your beach for 1 year.

  • Still Have Questions?  Please click here to contact us directly.

Healthy Beach Certification & Designation Includes.
A Full Evaluation To Certify Your Beach.

NHBC staff will evaluate your beach based upon set criteria focused on beach healthy and safety.  In the rare event that a beach does not meet the certification criteria, the annual fee will be refunded.

Licensed Use of NHBC Logos and trademarks. Receive a limited license to use the NHBC logo in your print and online advertising, informing the public of your high standing and positive practices.
Featured Listing On The  NHBC Website. Attract visitors to your destination with a dedicated page on the NHBC website, complete with high resolution photos, detailed descriptions and hyperlinks to websites of your choosing.
Direct Hyperlink From The NHBC Website To Your Website & Real-Time Monitoring Data. Get more exposure with increased traffic directed to your beach or municipality website. 
Increased Media Exposure for your beach destination or Convention & Visitors Bureau. Healthy Beaches are featured in travel, environmental and safety press releases and articles.  In light of current events, even more attention is being directed to the National Healthy Beaches Campaign and the beaches listed here.  Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman (aka Dr. Beach),  the founder of NHBC and America's Foremost Beach expert, is a champion for NHBC causes.
Event Posting On The  NHBC Calendar.  Reach a larger audience for your most important events.
Initial Application:
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