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About National Healthy Beaches Campaign. 

Founded by Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman, National Healthy Beaches Campaign (NHBC) is the first scientifically-based beach certification program administered by a professional group of coastal experts. NHBC is dedicated to creating a balance between the recreational use of our nation's beaches and maintaining the environmental quality and safety of these prized resources.  

Beaches are America's favorite playgrounds, with over 200 million people flocking to U.S. beaches for fun and sun annually. A trip to the beach restores the mind, body and soul of the beachgoer. At the same time, beach visits are immensely beneficial to the U.S. economy. Beach travelers take longer vacations and spend more money on their trips than the average traveler. They inject revenue into beach communities by shopping, participating in a variety of outdoor activities, and visiting historical places and theme parks. Local residents who frequent their beaches have a year round role in the life of their coasts. 

A beachgoer's primary focus is finding clean, safe, healthy beaches to play and relax on. Sometimes, unfortunately, visitors arrive at a beach to find it dirty, overcrowded, severely eroded, or the water polluted. Others may have an unpleasant visit because they encounter unforeseen dangers at the beach.  NHBC is working to address these issues.  Through comprehensive coastal programs and initiatives, NHBC serves as an advocate for high standards of beach management, and a primary source of dependable information for beachgoers.    

NHBC is not associated with the annual list of America's best beaches, issued by Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman ("Dr. Beach") and membership in NHBC does not serve as criteria for or influence such selections.

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